Back with Improvements

Back with Improvements I am sitting behind my laptop at a desk in the mini chalet I rented for my ski vacation at the end of the year. Skiing gives you a great feeling, because you defy the powers of  nature by sliding on the ice cold snow with speed while the wind blows over you…

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Don’t think, just drink!

Why? When asked "Why do you consume soylent/future food?" respondents cite nutrition, convenience, and simplicity. "It's the easiest way to make sure I'm getting full nutrition within my allotted calories. I don't have to think, I just drink." I was doing some research into the area I decided to dive into. The meal replacement foods. It was…

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The first Meal Replacement drink

The first time I heared about a powdered mix that would ease preparing food and would give you more time to do usefull stuff, I got worried about the concept.Homes without kitchens? And what about all the various delicious ingredients my mom used to put in food that made eating such a pleasure?  What about the…

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