Powder Matter Cake

I got a message from Malte that he was having a delicious piece of cake. He sent me the above picture and I had to admit that it did look great and it was sure also delicious. Later he also told me that it kept him full for a very long time. Malte is a […]

Quinoa Holland

Powder Matter uses Quinoa biologically grown in The Netherlands – Holland-Quinoa

Fried Zucchini – Carrots & Unflavored – Unsweetened

Thomas continued ‘cooking’ with his bag of unflavored & unsweetened. Today he sent me a shake he prepared with fried vegetables. It looked so good that I did not want to keep it from you. The final note from Thomas was: Delicious and very satiating. Recipe Slice 50  gram of zucchini in thin slices. Slice […]

Pancake with Powder Matter Unflavored

One of my customers sent me a picture of a pancake he prepared with the Unsweetened and unflavored version. He told me he enjoyed it a lot and it kept him satiated for a long time.  I Asked him to share the recipe so I could put it up here. He told me he has […]