What is Powder Matter?

Powder Matter is a company that produces nutritionally complete, energetically balanced meal replacements for convenience.

Can I live on your meals?

Yes you can.

Even though we know and strongly believe that our meals will provide a healthy and complete meal, we would advice to build in some kind of variation in your diet to keep life exciting. See also our blog article on a personal opinion. 



We ship to all over the world. 

Please see our post on Shipping & Shipping Costs for details on how and what.

The Company

Contact details

You can contact us by filling out our contact form

or by sending an email to [email protected].

You can also try getting in touch with us on instagram or on twitter.


What is in Powder Matter?

Powder Matter contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

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Our products are gluten free.



Our products are vegan. 

Some of our bars do contain whey protein  concentrate


Soy is a potential allergen that is in our Meal Shakes.  

Worries about Soy in food? Here is a meta analysis which is the highest level of science that proves there is no reason to be worried.

Added sugar?

The sugar noted in the Nutrition Facts are simple carbohydrates that come from the ingredients we include.

We do not add any sugar in our products. Neither do we add sugar and disguise it under a glorified name like: cane-syrup or apple-syrup, natural-honey…