Original - v2.0 Whey

The 2.0 whey formula will be available for ordering shortly after we have prepared and released the Vegan version of our 2.0 formula.

Difference(s) between the Vegan and the Whey formula: 

a- Ingredientswise, the only different ingredient will be the extra protein source. The Vegan version contains Soy Protein Isolate and the Whey version will contain Whey protein concentrate.

Our soy protein isolate contains 92% of proteins while the whey contains 80% of proteins and 4 gram per 100 gram lactose, which is a sugar. This will reflect as 2 small differences for the macros:

v2.0Protein content (per 100 gr)Sugar content (per 100 gr)

These small differences will not reflect itself into the energy distribution of the macro ingredients.

b- Taste and texture-wise: Because the taste and texture between the two protein-powders are different, this difference will be noticed in the shake, however we are adjusting the formula as such that the texture and consistency will be similar, while the subtle characteristic taste of each protein powder will remain.

The other differences compared to v 1.0 will be the same. Such as:

1- Packaging: One bag will contain 12 meals of 400 kcal and will weigh 1200 gram.

2- Pricing: The price will be same for both products. Buying more will reduce the per package price.

3- Flavors: The same flavors will be available for the Whey version as for the Vegan version.

Any other ideas or suggestions? share with us

Original - v2.0 Whey- Features

Varied & Balanced Meal

Evidence Based Ingredients

Perfect distribution of ingredients according to latest evidence based insights as published by the European Food and Safety Authority.

High Proteins

100 gram (400 kcal) contains 29 gram of proteins. Mainly coming from Superseeds Whey protein concentrate with Total BCAA’s of 23% of the total aminoacid profıle.

Complex Carbohydrates

The complex carbohydrates coming from Buckwheat, Oats, Amaranth, Quinoa make sure you have energy for at least 4 to 6 hours.

No simple carbohydrates in Powder Matter.

No added sugar

The sugar level is 0,8 gram per 100 gram. This is also the only detectable level of simple carbohydrate.

No sugars hidden under names as: cane-syrup, apple-extract, fruit-juice-extract, natural-honey…

A True Meal Replacement

Powder Matter meets all criteria set by the European Parliament and Council for meal replacements.

High Fiber

Eight to 10 gram of fiber in every 100 gram you eat, is fiber. 

27 essential vitamins & minerals

All essential vitamins and minerals a human body requires are included.

Essential Fats

A healthy amount of balanced plant based fats with an amount of Omega 3 at a ratio of 1:1 (to Omega 6). 

No maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is eliminated from our recipe as a carbohydrate source. It works exactly the way sugar works and  gives you exact the same troubles. No more!

A Perfectly Varied & Balanced meal, with energy coming from the right ingredients

The ingredients in one meal of our product are designed as such that 36% of energy comes from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, 30% from fats, 4% from fibers.

This is within the advised evidence based guidelines from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).

What % of energy from which macronutrient?

Frequently Asked Questions

Powder Matter is a company that produces nutritionally complete, energetically balanced meal replacements for convenience at an affordable price.

More affordable than most others at least…

The first type of product are the meal-shakes which have an original and a vegan variant.

Powder Matter is food. The purpose of it is to supply a person with a healthy and whole meal, either drinkable (as a meal-shake) or as an edible bar-meal.

Powder Matter is not a supplement nor an additive.

However this does not mean it can’t be used as a meal-replacement to diet on. But it can also be used as a mass gainer to gain weight in a healthy manner. Please see our blog post on how to.

Instructions for use: Fill a shaker with 400 ml water. Add 100 gram of Powder Matter to the shaker and shake.

The amount of added water can be increased up to 500 ml when a thinner consistency is desired.

Use a blender to grind down the small pieces to achieve a smoother consistency. Or try leaving the shaker in the refrigerator for a few hours before consuming.

Yes you can.

Even though we know and strongly believe that our meals will provide a healthy and complete meal, we would advice to build in some kind of variation in your diet to keep life exciting. See also our blog article on a personal opinion. 

Version 2.0 of our original formula is NOT gluten free because it contains a small amount of oatmeal.

The other carbohydrate sources: Amaranth, Quinoa and Buckwheat do not contain any Gluten.

The Vegan version of our original 2.0 formula has no milk products. Hence it is diary and lactose free.

The Whey version of our original 2.0 formula contains Whey, which is a diary product and contains 4 gram per 100 gram lactose.

The Vegan version of our Original – V2.0 Formula is Vegan. Our Nuts based meal is also Vegan. 

However our Original – V2.0 Whey formula contains Whey protein concentrate and is therefore vegetarian, but not strict vegan.

To most Western and Central European countries shipping is free from a purchase of 50 € – 100€.

A certain amount of an ingredient, provides for a certain amount of energy. There are certain movements that advise on how to distribute your energy over the separate ingredients categories. Think of movements such as paleo and atkins.

The distribution of ingredients in our meals is based on guidelines from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). The EFSA publishes guidelines on food, for the general population, based on evidence based research. 

Evidence based means that a recommendation is made based on the highest level of possible scientific research.

Mostly people in the food industry, the bigger companies included, act on base of recommendations from one single dietitian or a nutritionist.

This is inherent to the middle ages and is called Eminence based…