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Who is Powder Matter? Who are we?

Powder Matter is founded by two brothers. Both brothers have always been fascinated by new and complex materials. Both ran into the concept of complete food in a powdered form early on already. Three years ago Dennis (the older and the bigger brother) was already experimenting with his own DIY recipe of powdered food and presented his shake as a complete meal replacement to his brother with the following sentence: The Entrecote you love so much will be replaced by this shake in a few years! Dirk (the younger and more handsome brother) ridiculing his big brother about his fantasy gave the strawberry shake his brother had prepared, a try…. and was sold!

Dennis had studied to be a software engineer, however after a quick introduction into the business world early in the nineties, he preferred setting up successful companies with his own ideas and sell it to interested buyers. The last immensely successful company he had built and sold was a sushi restaurant in the center of Amsterdam. When he showed his brother Dirk his DIY complete meal shake, he was giving workshops to groups and companies. With these workshops he grossed in one month the year salary his little brother was making as a surgeon.

Dirk was a medical doctor. He had been studying his whole life. Even after he had finished his education to become a medical doctor, he had started another education to become a general surgeon. Years later, when everyone thought he was finally done studying and would be just working… He started yet another one to become a trauma surgeon. He rounded up that training also and started  working as a general and trauma surgeon.

At some point two years ago, Dirk took a sabbatical and disappeared. The two brothers lost contact. Dennis was bored of giving sushi workshops and had started working on other ideas about food when Dirk contacted him from the other side of the world in november 2017. He was alive, but his big brother thought that he had gone crazy. He was going to give up what he had been fighting for his whole life so that he would be a ‘free man’ like his big brother. He was going to finally start contributing to the world instead of contributing to pockets of rich people who wanted to become richer than they already were.

He told his big brother about his dream. A dream where powder would matter in the world. A world with powder-meal-shakes, with meal-bars, meal-sicles as sweets and meal-drinks.

The meals were going to be the cheapest on the market. Cheap but without the BS. The ingredients were going to be the same as or better than the others. To reach this goal they were going to have to jump through several hoops, but they were not stupid. Neither were they unexperienced in life matters nor were they hungry to rush their plan.

The meals were not going to be for the rich. These powder meals were going to be for the smart, the hungry, the lazy and the poor.

They were going to start with the DIY recipe from 3 years ago.  From there the rest would figure itself out. They started writing a business plan and the first machine was ordered early 2018. Still when Dirk was on the other side of the world.


Why did you call your product Powder Matter?

Because we think the name Powder Matter says something about what our product is. It is not some senseless combination of the halves of two words (imagine Po  wder Ma tter = Potter!). Neither does it have a reference to a holy book nor to a religion. Neither does it have to do anything with fasting. Our name is not associated to a certain movie made in 1973.

When we walk around a convention for packaging machines with our company name on our badge, everybody knows what we do:

– ‘so you guys are in the powder business?’

– Yes we are!

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