Since the beginning of 2018 we have been working towards this moment. Finally we have our place, our machines, our bags, our powders. We undertook the necessary steps to make our powder meal in a single bag.

Since we wanted to make sure what is in the bag, tastes exactly like how we have been experiencing our powdered meal shake, we extensively tested our product during the last few days. We gave a copy to friends and old colleagues.

At the moment of launch we still have two minor problems.

The first is that payments are only possible through PayPal. We are still being evaluated by two other payment providers for other payment methods. We hope we will shortly be able to provide almost all common payment methods. Until then please use PayPal, or get in touch with us for alternatives.

The second minor problem was that the natural flavor in our strawberry could not be delivered on time by our powder provider so we had to wait for it. Today we received it. Tomorrow our Powder Matter Strawberry will be prepared and we will be shipping the Powder Matter Meal Shake Strawberry orders on Monday!


And we have a Go!



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