Student Survival Formula


Our mission is to provide convenient complete meals for everyone, especially the smart, the perfectionist, the lazy and the less fortunate among us.

We have also been students, so we know how it is to be you… Being a student is like going on a survival trip… Just this time for a couple of years… All the time learning new things enjoying life, living on the edge while working towards the target… The downside is you also have to live off of a limited budget, you do not have enough time or money to do decent groceries… While in the meantime you know and hope that life will be kinder and better once you have graduated…

Well.. we are here to help you enjoy a healthy and complete meal instead of living off of fastfood that is too expensive considering what you get for it.¬†This is why we thought of the ‘Powder Matter Student Survival Formula‘.

Our meal will not only provide you with everything your body needs. Your body will get the power to function properly. The same will be true for the gray matter of your brains. It will function optimally with the provided power while avoiding a postprandial dip¬†thanks to the combination of the chosen ingredients. Further it will keep you full for a significant amount of time so you can go on doing what you were doing… without any interruption.

Power from Powder Matter is provided to everyone for a very sharp price, but since we know you as a student can use the extra cents, we want to make sure you keep those few extra cents.

Fill in the ‘for students only questionnaire’ to get a personal 10% discount coupon.
Now the formula kicks in… If you share the information about the questionnaire with at least 10 of your fellow students who also fill in the questionnaire, we will increase the amount of discount to 20% for all eleven of you.

The discount is only applicable to the 30 and 90 meal packs.


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