The End of a hot summer

Looks like this was the end of a hot summer.

We are very happy that we managed to set up and launch our idea, our dream. Two months later we are still trying to iron out the bumps in the process. In the meantime we have learnt a great deal from our first few customers. Information that has led to changes or will lead to changes shortly.



One of the things we picked up, was that the packaging does not have to be an extra cost. There are enough, very decent boxes with perfect sizes waiting to be recycled. So we use those instead of purchasing new ones.

No need to worry about the cleanliness of the boxes: we recycle boxes from a food store.  Above all, our bags are strong enough to survive the beating that it encounters on the way.

As a proof of strength of the bags, we have pictures of one of our first customers who lives in Bulgaria. No need to post it, but the package was opened by the customs for inspection and not secure enough closed. The box was not so complete anymore, but the bags were 😉