Powder Matter Cake

Powder Matter Cake

I got a message from Malte that he was having a delicious piece of cake. He sent me the above picture and I had to admit that it did look great and it was sure also delicious. Later he also told me that it kept him full for a very long time.

Malte is a student but apparently he had a bit of time to spare in which he could conjure up this delicious Powder Matter cake.


Definitely going to bake this one… I might replace sugar with some  Thaumatin and add some more xanthan and guar gums though.

Thanks for this recipe!

Recipe – Sauerkirschkuchen

  • 250 g      buttter
  • 250 g      Sugar (I used half Xucker https://www.xucker.de/1-kg-xucker-light-erythrit-in-dose/a-177)
  • 4             eggs
  • 1 Pkt.      vannilin sugar
  • 450g      Powder Matter Chocolate
  • 1 Pkt.      baking powder
  • 1 Prise    Salz
  • 250 ml    Milk
  • 100 g      Chocolate Bits
  • 1 Glas     sour cherries


1) Drain the cherries
2) Mix butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla sugar
3) Add flour and baking powder and gradually mix with milk to a smooth dough.
4) Stir in the chocolate bits and the cherries.

5) Bake

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