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Neutral - v2.5

The wide variety of opinion on taste of a certain shake, has steered us in the direction of a more neutral tasting mix. One that is easy to drink, is not too sweet or too salt, not too bitter or too savory, does not have any powerful flavors or smells. 

Actually something that quite resembles milk, without the lactose of course.

The Neutral formula is developed by gathering information from customers that have been consuming meal replacements for a larger part of their diet the last few years.

Because of the bland taste, it can be consumed with little effort, which ensures the intake of adequate and optimal nutrition causing a satiety for many hours. 

Occasionally adding a favourite fruit, a spoon of cocoa powder or a can of (nut) milk will ensure some variety.

While developing this formula we kept to the following basic principles we maintain: 

  • Every meal is within the dietary advises of the EFSA for a healthy and optimal diet.
  • The mix contains no added sugars, only complex carbohydrates
  • The protein levels are high, come from a variety of sources providing a complete amino-acid profile and high bio-availability.
  • Omega 3 fats and fiber levels are as recommended by the EFSA. 

One bag contains 12 meals of 400 kcal and weighs 1200 gram per bag.

  • Neutral v2.5
    Bland neutral shake
    Some call it mild-vanilla. Ideal to use as a base for whatever you wish to prepare
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  • Raspberry

    Fresh Raspberries in a neutral shake?
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  • Limited edition - Speculaas

    Even though it is called speculaas, it does not have the classical flavor of speculaas.
    Rather the herbs used to prepare it. This combination of herbs are better known as -pumpkin spice- outside the Lower Lands
    Just a few left.
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  • Stainless Steel Shaker

    The Powder Matter Shaker
    A shaker to keep...
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  • 100 ml scoops
    We include 1 scoop per order. Specify here how many you wish to receive with your order.
    One 100 ml scoop holds 50 gram of our powder
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  • The bulk discount that comes from eventual added Original bags, will be displayed in the cart

    Neutral - balanced & complete

    Evidence Based Ingredients

    Perfect distribution of ingredients according to latest evidence based insights as published by the European Food and Safety Authority.

    High Proteins

    Every portion (100 gram = 400 kcal) contains 22  gram of proteins. Mainly coming from buckwheat and soy protein isolate. 

    Buckwheat is added to vegan diets since the middle-ages because of its complete amino-acid profile, the high bio-availability and high level of vitamins and minerals.

    Just 10 gram of the proteins come from soy protein isolate.

    Complex Carbohydrates

    The complex carbohydrates coming from Buckwheat makes sure you have energy for at least 4 to 6 hours.

    Gluten Free, Lactose Free

    Neutral does not contain Gluten containing ingredients or Lactose containing ingredients

    A True Meal Replacement

    Powder Matter meets all criteria set by the European Parliament and Council for meal replacements.

    High Fiber

    Neutral contains 7.5 gram fiber per 100 gram

    All essential vitamins & minerals

    All essential vitamins and minerals a human body requires, are included.

    Essential Fats

    A healthy amount of balanced plant based fats with an amount of Omega 3 at a ratio of 1:2 (to Omega 6). 

    No maltodextrin, No added sugar

    The sugar level is 1.3 gram per 100 gram. 

    There are no sugars hidden in our product under names as: cane-syrup, coconut-sugar, apple-extract, fruit-juice-extract, natural-honey, agrave-syrup…

    A Perfectly Varied & Balanced meal, with energy coming from the right ingredients

    The ingredients in one meal of Neutral is  designed as such that  42% of energy comes from carbohydrates, 20% from proteins, 35% from fats and  3% from fibers.

    This is within the advised evidence based guidelines from the  European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).

    What % of energy from which macronutrient?

    What is in 100 g Powder Matter Neutral v2.5

    Everything the body needs, all the carbs, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals

    Paying attention to latest insights in food science, we avoided added sugar, GMO products, trans fats and an excess of saturated fats.

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    25.000+ PM meals sold


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Fill a shaker with 400 ml water. Add 100 gram of Powder Matter to the shaker and shake.

    The amount of added water can be increased up to 500 ml when a thinner consistency is desired.

    The sweetener and flavoring is prepared for the given amounts of fluid, when more or less water is used, a different texture as well as taste will be perceived.

    Using the same amount of (bio) milk is an alternative to water.

    It is also possible to prepare other foods (pancakes, smoothies, cakes, soup ) with our product. For a selection see our BLOG.

    Yes you can.

    Even though we know and strongly believe that our meals will provide a healthy and complete meal, we would advice to build in some kind of variation in your diet to keep life exciting. See also our blog article on a personal opinion. 

    There are several people that have lived and are living for 100% on Powder Matter products with good health, strength and agility. 

    This is the product that fulfills the criteria of a meal replacement without the added aroma or sweetener.

    It is meant for people that do wish to use our powder to produce their own variation. By adding an own flavor, and an own sweetener. You can even add your own flavored and sweetened protein you had lying around in the cupboard.

    Another use is to add some water and put it in a dough mixer to make batter with it. Make pancakes and bread to consume Powder Matter differently. If you do, please send us pictures of it so we can make a special page for it.

    A very effective use is for people that love our ingredients, but find our premixed powders too strong in flavoring or too sweet. This mix can be used to make the flavor and sweetness less by mixing it together. 

    It is NOT comparable to the ORIGINAL or NATURAL versions of certain other meal replacements. 

    Powder Matter Original and Neutral lines are 

    • gluten free
    • lactose free
    • vegan

    A common allergen in Powder Matter is Soy. It is used in all our products.




    As of 15th of march 2020 we decided to go on a well deserved vacation.

    The orders will be available on backorder. It is still possible to place orders. If you do, your order will be fulfilled as soon as we are back. This will be probably in 4-5 weeks, around 20th april 2020.

    For questions and comments write directly to: Dirk @

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