Powder Matter Reviews

There have been just a hand full of reviews posted on the internet by our customers.

Because of the kind of population that uses our products, I assume that most of the others simply do not have the time to put in the time to write a piece on a website.

However, if you decide to write a review about our product, please let us know when were and how, so we can put up a link to it from our site and we can reward you as a thanks.

This youtube review is from Clive Illenden.  Clive is a very cool guy from Great Britain. He plays  console games, keeps a blog, has a super cool German made Mini Cooper, is unbelievably active on social media. He spares all his time by feeding on meal replacements!

His review is a very detailed review with also verbal and non-verbal hints on how our product tastes.

There are a couple of great reviews that are very detailed on the eatcomplete.co. 


a review from a lady. A special group that use these products. 


Metal Karin tested our 1.0 version. The most obvious problems with the solubility have been solved since.

a nice review from Maltar. A student who liked the price and was actually not unsatisfied about the other features of our product. 


Maltar reviewed our optimised 1.2 Original Formula.

Another student. Mariem did not even claim her student discount with us. 


Mariem also reviewed our optimised 1.2 Original Formula.

Mariem also mentioned our coffee flavored vegan sample pack that we included for reactions. Thanks Mariem! 



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