Can you give a break down of your ingredients list?

The bulk of Powder Matter (95%) consists of four ingredients: oatmeal, soy flour, maltodextrin and whey protein concentrate. The remaining 5% is vitamins, minerals, aroma and ingredients necessary to present you a product that has the best experience from this meal shake.

The main group of ingredients are collected and produced in Europe and are GMO free. We also use oatmeal and soy flour that are certified gluten free.


Our oatmeal is collected from selected farmers within the European Union to assure the best quality.

Every single pallet of our oatmeal is tested separately to get a gluten free certification.

Oatmeal is the major contributor of carbohydratesproteins and fibers in Powder Matter.


Our soy flour is toasted, full-fat and also GMO free. The scientific evidence on the subject of  the safe consumption of soy flour is without a doubt conclusive: It is safe to consume Soy flour.

Every single pallet of our soy flour is tested separately to get a gluten free certification.

Soy flour contributes to Powder Matter as a source of proteinsfats and carbohydrates.


Our Whey protein concentrate is manufactured from sweet cheese whey using cross-flow membrane filtration. This technique ensures the preservation of the original proteins while concentrating the proteins most efficiently.

Whey Protein Concentrate is the major contributor of proteins in Powder Matter.

Whey is a milk product and contains 4% lactose.


The Maltodextrin we use in Powder Matter is a complex carbohydrate isolated from wheat.

It provides energy that is available shortly after consuming. It gives Powder Matter a mild and pleasant sweetness and ensures better solubility of the powdered mix in water or milk.

Maltodextrin contributes to the carbohydrates in Powder Matter, but is also used as a carrier for our vitamin and mineral mix as well as to mask the taste of some of them.

Maltodextrin can be consumed in healthy individuals without having a single negative effect on their health. The grade Maltodextrin used in Powder Matter is also used in infant foods and in enteral foods.


All twenty seven vitamins and minerals mentioned in EU regulation 1169/2011 annex XIII, part A, table 1, have been included in Powder Matter. The twenty three specified minerals and vitamins in the EU regulation 2016/1413 that specifies that a meal should contain at least 30% of the amounts of the mentioned vitamins and minerals for it to be labeled as a meal-replacement-food, is a subset of it.

We made sure that every Powder Matter Meal bag contains at least 33% of each mentioned micronutrient, without overdosing it.


Powder Matter contains small amounts of Sunflower Lecithin to improve the texture, mouthfeel and solubility in water and milk. We choose for Sunflower Lecithin since it was already used in our Whey product by the manufacturer.

There is a minimal amount of Silicon Dioxide in Powder Matter as an anti-caking agent. This makes it possible for our machines to weigh it correctly for every bag and makes your job with shaking easier.


Sucralose is 600 up to 1000 times sweeter than sugar and is used in tiny amounts to sweeten up Powder Matter. It is the only not-natural ingredient in Powder Matter. Extensive research has only been able to prove that there is no disadvantages to using this additive.

One bag of Powder Matter contains just a couple of few milligrams of this sweetener in case you are still worried about it.


Every flavor of Powder Matter contains a different mix of flavors to give the powder mix its unique taste.

In Strawberry we use a significant amount of freeze dried strawberry powder besides an added natural strawberry aroma and a natural coloring agent made out of beet rood.

In the Coconut flavor we add desiccated coconut meat besides additional coconut aroma.

Vanilla contains only the vanilla aroma. The ground vanilla we left out because we felt it did not add anything to the package except to the cost.