Do you also ship to the USA & Canada

Yes, we do !

According to initial inquiries it looks like we are going to be able to provide free shipping to overseas (USA and CANADA) for our Try-Out (1, 3, 6 and 10) mealpacks. But for the bigger (30-60-90) meal packs the inquiry results were inconclusive. We will know more the second week of july.  We will announce it when we know more.

Bear in mind that you probably will be charged additionally for customs and VAT.

UPDATE 6th july 2018

We know more:

We ship to the USA and Canada. Until the first of august 2018, shipping is free when you use the coupon code to be found on the Soylent Subreddit.

The only mealpack we can not ship, is 30 meals pack. (the costs for this is the cost we pay for your shipping costs)

It seems that you do not have to pay customs fees to the USA and Canada for valuables up till 150€s. But to be on the sure side, check it for yourself.

However you will be charged for VAT above amounts of 22€ depending on which state you live.

We are still negotiating with shipment companies about costs to other countries overseas.