Is it really really complete? Does it really have everything a human body needs?

It does have everything the body needs. Since we are using a recipe we developed for ourselves a while back (3 years ago) and we wanted to share it with everyone, without altering this recipe, there are two points where the ingredients do not meet 100% daily recommended values of the EU guidelines. Even though the recipe does meet the guidelines for a ‘meal-replacement’. (see the user guide for details)

If you want to have your 100% daily recommended value of fats, you should add a few drops (6 to 8 grams) of oil to a meal-shake. However, since the human body metabolizes an excess of carbohydrates and proteins very efficiently into fats, there is no reason for panic.

Furthermore a pinch of salt would also be advisable if you are consuming Powder Matter for 100% of your diet. But if you are lucky enough to have time to prepare dinner or get dinner everyday, the amount of salt in this meal will probably make up to the shortage of 5.5 grams of salt on a daily basis.