Why should I buy your product? What makes you different?

Because we think we have a delicious product that is functional for its purpose.

We use premium products in our powder mix which gives it several specific features: Our product is GMO free, Gluten free, high in fibres (14 grams per meal) and in proteins (41 grams per meal).

We have a very competitive price of 0.98€ cents per 400 kCal meal. This price includes shipment to any European country. Without any subscription.
In certain cases (Student discount / special discount / subscriptions) it is even possible to obtain our product for an even 10-20% less.

For comparison purposes our price: (Remember these are standard prices including shipment)
One bag is one meal costs 1.65€. (One meal contains 677 kCal and is 170 grams)
Per 100 grams the cost is 0.97€.
Per 100 kCal the cost is 0.24€.