Cooked Quinoa

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As a thank you for the trust, the many warm and supportive e-mails I have received, I decided to include a couple of small gifts with the first orders that have been made.

The orders that contain these extras will be referred to in this post.

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Cooked Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the very special ingredients that Powder Matter meals have had since formula 2.0

The reason I included quinoa in my products was that I wanted to offer special and satiating ingredients in my powdered mixes. Quinoa is a very special ingredient in that it has a full amino acid profile but also contains enough complex carbohydrates to keep a human full for a long time. Besides that, it also contains a high level of fibers. I am not even saying anything about phytonutrients in it. Thus understandable why it has been bombarded a super seed.  I mill the quinoa I get into a very fine meal, so it can be consumed in your shakes. This lets some think it is related to grains, but it is absolutely not. It is a seed of a plant related to grasses, like buckwheat and amaranth. The quinoa I use is grown in The Netherlands and has a bio certification.

Quinoa is a very versatile ingredient that can be used to prepare deliciously nutritious and healthy meals. If you wonder who would have the most comprehensive list of recipes for this seed, it would of course be the people that have used this seed for ages: The South Americans. 

The food and agricultural organization of the united nations has compiled a book with traditional South American recipes that are made with quinoa. This book can be freely downloaded from here. (http://www.fao.org/3/i3525e/i3525e.pdf) 

Please read the introductory text where it is stated that 1 in every 8 persons suffers from hunger. Not because they want to lose weight, but because they can not get their hands on food. Imagine that… 

Even though the recipes in that book are great, I have my own recipe I utilize when we require a quick fix.

Meal bars you will also find included are produced with our new machine. We would love to get feedback on these bars. 

As soon as we know more about what people think, we will start the production of these bars.

It is good to know that both bars contain WHEY.

Quick Quinoa

What do you need?

Heat a pan on low fire. Add 5 gram olive oil to the pan.

Add the flaxseed, blanched almonds, pasta. Stir the ingredients a few seconds until you see them change into a golden brown color.

Add the quinoa from the bag. Stir a few seconds. It is possible you see a few quinoa seeds jump while they puff if your pan is too hot.

Next, add the water into the pan. The amount of water should cover the ingredients.  If it does not, consider adding a bit more water. I used 300 ml water for one bag of quinoa (100 grams).

Now is also the time to add your salt if you wish. 

When the water cooks, put the fire on low and put the lid on the pan. 

Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.

In 20 minutes the water will be absorbed/evaporated and the quinoa swollen and softened. The seeds will open up.

This dish will contain over 400 kcal of energy. 

Omega3: 1231 milligram, Omega6: 1598 milligram


Nutritional values
Energy (kcal)411
Energy distribution

Try this delicious dish!

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