Stainless Steel Shaker

a shaker to keep

Since the beginning we have been looking for a shaker to go with our products. Unfortunately we were never satisfied with the shakers we received for testing purposes.

The guy that provides me the big bags, said to me: I know you want to have a good shaker for your clients, a shaker to keep, I have one for you now. So along with my last order of the big bags, he sent me this shaker. After using it for 2 weeks I was sold. (The initial two weeks it had been used by my sons and my wife first, because they liked the shaker a lot)

Order your shaker to keep, now.


  • This shaker has a durable stainless steel body, long-lasting heat-resistant insulated container with a volume of 750 ml.
  • The food-grade stainless steel carrier insides of the shaker is naturally antibacterial and therefore does not smell like a plastic one when used for a longer period.
  • If you have made it a habit to throw around with your shaker, or if you use your hand blender to blend your mixes, it will be less likely to break or get damaged.
  • The lid contains a built-in mixing grid and a separate mixing ball is included.
  • The shaker is dishwasher safe with an ergonomic design including a rubber handle. Carrying the shaker is easy when your hands are full. 
  • update march 2021: After intensive use during a year and washing in the dish washer regularly: the paint on the outside is NOT dishwasher safe. Meaning, the white paint falls off, into your dishwasher mainly and you keep a metal shaker. 
    The shaker itself is as perfect and functional as before. Including its hard plastic cap.
  • Stainless Steel Shaker
    Powder Matter Shaker 750 ml
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