Meal Bar 2.0

Our sweet bar that keeps you going and going and going...

Powder Matter meal bar 2.0 is based on dates. If you like dates, you will really love this bar. Even people that do not like dates, mention they love these bars for their different combined taste.

Our initial bars used tahin (sesame pasta) as the primary fat source, but currently we also have a bar using peanut butter and a few that use almond paste.

As protein source we now use whey protein concentrate, and also pea protein isolate combined with rice protein for our vegan bars.

Check out the ingredients, detailed nutritional information by clicking on the respective bar image down the page (the information will open up in a tabbed popup).

Every bar contains energy worth 400 kcals. Every bar can be divided in blocks of 50 or 100 kcals and as such can be consumed as in-betweens / snacks. 

All bars contain real ingredients that can also be recognized when looking at the bar, be felt in your mouth, be tasted while consuming it.


Artisanal complete meal bars

Unlike regular ‘complete’ bars you will find on this market, our bars are made, prepared, shaped, inspected and packaged by hand. 


With care. 

When taking a bite from these bars, you will taste the difference.

Select how many boxes you wish to purchase.
Every box contains 8 bars of 100 grams.

  • Chocolate Almond

    Dates, tahini, whey, the best chocolate chips we could find, and raw almonds make this bar the most popular bar we have offered until now
    - +
  • Coconut Chocolate

    Dates, tahini, whey and a lot of coconut: taste this tropical deliciousness that some have called a bounty some a ferrer...
    - +
  • Peanuts and Butter

    Dates, peanut butter, pea and rice proteins, but also a good amount of peanuts and chocolate chips fill this vegan bar with real and delicious food.
    - +
  • Banana Bread

    Dates, almond pasta, real banana slices and pea/rice proteins provide you with a bread-like banana bar.. or a banana like bread... bar.
    - +

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    Coconut Chocolate


    Peanut & Butter

    Peanutbutter 600

    Chocolate Almond


    Banana Bread

    Double Bags

    Meal bar - complete & satiating

    One complete meal

    Every bar contains 400 kcal of energy. For your convenience pre-partitioned into 8 equal parts.

    All essential nutrition that you need as a human in one meal, is packed into one bar.

    Delicious whole foods

    All the flavors come from natural whole food ingredients. There is no artificial sweetener or flavoring added into this bar

    Gluten free, wheat free

    These bars can be safely consumed by people suffering from gluten sensitivity. We also produced a lactose-free meal bar.

    A true meal replacement

    Our bars confirm to the EFSA guidelines of a complete meal replacement and can be used as such.

    High Fiber

    Each bar contains 6 to 8 grams of fiber. Higher than the recommended amount of fiber per meal

    High Proteins

    Coming from different sources, the bars contain 21 to 25-gram protein per bar

    No added sugar

    There are no added sugars in Powder Matter Meal Bars. All the sugars come from the wholefood ingredients, mainly the dates. 

    Detailed nutritional values & ingredients per flavor

    Click on a bar, to see its ingredients, nutritional values and vitamin & mineral profile.
    This information will open in a popup window, so please make sure to allow the popup.

    Coconut Chocolate


    Peanut & Butter

    Peanutbutter 600

    Chocolate Almond


    Banana Bread

    Double Bags

    Cinnamon Vanilla (Discontinued)

    Cinnamon smallpng

    Pumpkin Spice

    (Discontinued, back again during the winter)
    Double Bags

    Sweet Espresso (Discontinued)


    If you wish to order one of the discontinued bars, contact us.

    FYI: Trustpilot imposed a policy change upon us, after which we stopped using it by removing our account (as of April 2020)

    25.000+ PM meals sold


    Most frequent questions and answers

    When kept in the packaged bag, away from sun and heat, the bar will be good to eat at least during 12 months. 

    However we found that with passing time, the bars get harder and are less pleasurable to consume. This is the reason why we produce it fresh so you can consume it fresh-made. (See 3rd question)

    The bars are prepared with raw ingredients, pressed together, and packaged.

    We prepare all our products in small amounts. The bars are prepared in small batches. (12 – 24 pieces). When a new order is placed it is very well possible you will receive freshly made bars.

    The WHEY Cinnamon and WHEY Coconut bars contain lactose.

    The Plant-based bar contains SOY protein isolate and SOY crispies.

    The Plant-based bar & the Whey Cinnamon bars contain NUTs.

    A small part of the sugars in the Whey bars come from the lactose in the Whey. However the majority of sugars come from the dates. Dates are nutrient-dense and contain many vitamins and minerals. As well as a high level of fibers. It is known for centuries that dates have a high satiety level. This is due to the combination of fibers and sugars in the dates.

    Dates contain 60 up to 70% sugar. However dates have been categorized as low-glycemic foods with an index between 40 and 50. Unlike the index of 100 for table sugar. 

    The sugar amount in our bars is around 25. This amount is high, but still far below the level of the maximum recommended intake amount for sugar according to the American Heart Association.

    And especially not much higher than comparable bars on the market.

    We recommend you to use our bars to replace a meal a day.

    This bar also lends itself for consuming it as 2 smaller meals if you prefer to have smaller snacks instead of a whole meal.

    These bars are also ideal to consume as mini squares of 50 kcals.

    Detailed nutritional values & ingredients per flavor