Meal Bar

a sweet bar that keeps you going and going and going...

Currently the bars are ‘out of stock’, meaning we have to get things ready to produce these delicious bars, completely automated. We hope to make it available to you again soon.

Like in our other product lines, we took a different approach to formulate a much-desired product without compromising our priorities.

We present to you a date and tahini-based meal bar. 400 kcal in 100 gram, packaged per meal bar. The bars are breakable into parts of 50 kcal each.

The only processed ingredients are as usual our vegan blend vitamin-mineral mix and our concentrated protein source. The other ingredients are like in the pictures: real parts and bits of nature.


One bar costs 3.50€. 

Six bars are packaged into one box. It is possible to combine any of the bars. When a box of 6 is bought, the per piece price will drop to 3.20€. 

The maximum discount is at 5 boxes, 30 pieces of 3€ a piece.

The minimum purchase amount is 3 bars. However if you want to purchase a bar with the rest of your order, drop us a mail and we will add it to your orders list. 

    Dates, tahini, nuts and some more plants combined into a delicious bar
    - +

    Dates, tahini, WHEY, nuts and more ingredients squeezed into a delicious bar
    - +

    Dates, tahini, WHEY, Coconut and more natural ingredients make up this delicious meal
    - +

    Dates, tahini, WHEY, whole almonds, pure chocolate pieces and more ingredients make up this delicious meal
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  • Meal bar - complete & satiating

    One complete meal

    Every bar contains 400 kcal of energy. For your convenience pre-partitioned into 8 equal parts.

    All essential nutrition that you need as a human in one meal, is packed into one bar.

    Delicious whole foods

    All the flavors come from natural whole food ingredients. There is no artificial sweetener or flavoring added into this bar

    Gluten free, wheat free

    These bars can be safely consumed by people suffering from gluten sensitivity. We also produced a lactose-free meal bar.

    A true meal replacement

    Our bars confirm to the EFSA guidelines of a complete meal replacement and can be used as such.

    High Fiber

    Each bar contains 6 to 8 grams of fiber. Higher than the recommended amount of fiber per meal

    High Proteins

    Coming from different sources, the bars contain 21 to 25-gram protein per bar

    No added sugar

    There are no added sugars in Powder Matter Meal Bars. All the sugars come from the wholefood ingredients, mainly the dates. 

    Detailed nutritional values & ingredients per flavor

    Plant based

    Plant Based small

    Whey Cinnamon

    Cinnamon smallpng

    Whey Chocolate Almond

    Cinnamon smallpng

    Whey Coconut

    Coconut small