A walk amongst the Dutch windmills - Part 2​

Part 2: The recipe

Changes in the recipe do not occur overnight. It is the sum of all the positive and negative experiences of our customers and we have had with the previous edition. The vegan recipe we have developed previously also has had an impact on our decision making.

Two lines, four flavors

We decided to produce the new recipe with two protein sources. To satisfy the smaller vegan population that has a strong representation among the meal replacement community we used soy protein isolate. In the other line we used Whey protein concentrate to satisfy the larger group of consumers that prefer the golden standard of protein powders.

Each protein line will be produced in four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut-chocolate, and Unsweetened & unflavored. Depending on the sales we will add Hazelnut chocolate.

One big bag for all

While we thought that it was convenient to have single bags for each meal, our customers pointed out the inconvenience of single bags to us. So we changed from the single 677 kcal bags to bigger bags that can contain up to 1.5 kg of our powdered mix.

All bags will look the same from the front, but the back etiquette will differentiate the different lines and flavor.

Changes to the ingredients - What is out?

The formula of the Original line changes to become something completely different. The main point being able to eliminate Maltodextrin (a cheap carbs source which works not different than sugar for the human body) and toasted-soy-flour: a powder which contributes mainly as a carbohydrate, but has a very dominant flavor which most people do not know or do not like.

The glutenfree oatmeal is also out. It can be sourced for 4 times the price of normal oatmeal and people with gluten allergy do not choose for our product because of the gluten-free character.

Strawberry flavor and freeze-dried strawberry are removed because of the high cost of the ingredients at the scale we source it. We would need a much higher volume of sales to reintroduce a flavor like strawberry: it requires to include: beetroot red, freeze-dried-strawberry, strawberry-aroma. Three ingredients that have to be bought as a bulk at amounts we can not sell within the expiration date!

With higher volumes of sales we would be able to also include other flavors like banana, peaches, mango. We will see what time will show us.

Changes to the ingredients - What is in?

The carbohydrates provided by maltodextrin and toasted-soy-flour, are replaced by 3 other ingredients: Buckwheat, Amaranth, and Quinoa. Buckwheat we already had as an ingredient in our vegan nuts mania version, we included the other two super grains into the product. These three super grains are excellent sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. To give an example, together with oatmeal, these 4 meals provide for 10 grams of protein per 100 grams.

The soy protein isolate that we did use in our vegan product, is also the source of the extra protein in the vegan-line.

In the Whey-line, we include our known whey protein concentrate to provide the extra amount of proteins.

Changes to the ingredients - What is extra/new?

We added acacia fiber to increase the satiety feeling. Instead of using only xanthan gum we use xanthan gum together with guar gum to make use of the synergistic effect of these two gums.  We included a new ingredient that we did not use before: alkalized skimmed pure cocoa powder.

The result

This makes the end result a powdered product with several core spear points. These points are depicted at the front of our new bag:

  • Complex carbohydrates
  • No added sugars or short carbs/fillers. Extreme low level of sugar (0.9 gram / 100 gram)
  • High protein (30 gram/100 gram, of which more than 10 gram from super grains
  • High fibers: 8-9 grams of fibers coming from the super grains, and from acacia gum.
  • Omega 3-Omega 6 ratios of 1:1 (mainly coming from yellow linseed meal).