Back with Improvements

I am sitting behind my laptop at a desk in the mini chalet I rented for my ski vacation at the end of the year. Skiing gives you a great feeling because you defy the powers of nature by sliding on the ice-cold snow with speed while the wind blows over you to cool you. Even though it looks so cool and fluent from the outside, you as the skier has to work hard… To bend with every curve and stand upright while you rein the power that comes with the speed of sliding down the slope… 

Similar is the feeling that I get from being able to write this post after a couple of months of hard work to get things running again as I wanted it to.

We have been low profile and were unable to ship because of a logistics problem. Since we started Powder Matter we had had enough feedback to improve our recipe. We also had enough feedback on our shipping arrangements. 

And so it had been time to improve things accordingly. 

Unfortunately while looking for a better solution to our shipping problem, the company that was handling our shipping did not survive the changes and it took us a month or 2 extra to resolve the issue of not having a shipping company.

We are back with a couple of changes and a couple of other changes that are in the pipeline. 

Improvements to the assortment

1- We changed the base of our powdered mix. We added powdered sunflower oil and salt to improve the taste and the completeness of the meal along with the addition of xanthan gum which improved the texture and the solubility of the meal.

Freeze-dried strawberry was removed from the strawberry recipe to improve some solubility problems.

The amount of powder per bag was reduced to 160 grams to keep the amount of energy per meal equal to 2000 kcal. Also the amount of protein and fiber was reduced. 

For details please see the specifications for each product.

The new recipe is stamped as Powder Matter 1.2

2- We added a vegan powdered mix based on buckwheat and almond meal.

3- We added a ready to eat meal bar which is based on dates and tahini.

To make a distinction in the powdered mixes we call the Powder Matter version 1.2, Powder Matter Meal Shake – Original.

The vegan version is called Meal Shake Vegan.

The Ready to eat bar is called Powder Matter Bar Meal.

Improvements to Logistics

Shipping to almost all European countries is for a reasonable flat rate price. We managed to ship for free above an order amount of 40€s.

To a majority of countries within Europe shipping is free from an order of 75€s.

We made it available to ship all over the world. 

Improvements to Packaging

To prevent confusion, we made our product available on a per-day basis instead of on a per meal basis.

The Original meal shakes are for the last batch available as meals in a single bag. The next batch will be produced in one big bag which contains 3 x 667 kcal meals. Like it is the case currently with our Vegan Meal Shake (which contains 5 x  400 kcal meals in one bag) 

Improvements to the Website

If you have been on our website before, you will have noticed the changes. 

There is a simple introduction page and furthermore a store where you can select from the products. We have tried to make the shop more friendly as well as tried to make it easy to find what everyone is looking for. 

The site is on a faster server with CDN enabled so it is faster worldwide and not just for Europe.

Improvements to the pricing

One day’s worth of Powder Matter can be bought for 4.50€ when bought in bulk. Making a meal of 677 kcal 1.50€ (400 kcal 89 €cents) 

Furthermore, a friend referral will earn you 5€ per friend and make it also possible to order free meals.

A subscription system will follow shortly. (With a subscription you get another 10% discount which makes 400 kcal 80 € cents).

Improvements to the team

We added a new team member who will surely add to the professionalism of our product.

Bottom Line

We are back to stay and prefer to display our persistence with what we present to you. We hope you will like what you find.