When asked “Why do you consume soylent/future food?” respondents cite nutrition, convenience, and simplicity.

“It’s the easiest way to make sure I’m getting full nutrition within my allotted calories. I don’t have to think, I just drink.”

I was doing some research into the area I decided to dive into. The meal replacement foods. It was the end of 2017 and I had been on a sabbatical for the last year and a half. 

I have always been proud that my education has been a scientific one. I was trained to know the facts before acting on a problem that I encountered during my daily work. 

When I decided to produce and sell a meal replacement product, I could not start at the place where everyone expected me to start: go make a recipe and try different variations I succeed.

No. I was interested in the kind of people that would use this kind of food. Apparently 14 years ago when I was using a similar product for the same purpose, only sick people (and my colleagues and me) would consume such a product. Nowadays it was the hype product for the ‘nouveau riche’.


Pretty shortly I typed a few words on Google like: “market analysis complete food” I rand into a single article that would give the exact answers to all my questions. It was the survey conducted by KetoSoy (nowadays KetoOne). The article that still can be found here. A second analysis of the data was made by Queal founder here.  Since the KetoOne was much more detailed I was intrigued by it.

Some concepts for Powder Matter were developed on the base of ideas written in this blog article. Even though it has been 2.5 years now, it is still a good read.

When reading this blog article with quotes from people that were using meal replacement foods, the “why” section contained one-liners that explained in a very clear way why they were using the product. One of these lines caught my attention so much that I wanted to use it as our slogan.

I wanted to offer our customers the luxury of trusting the completeness and safety of the product they were consuming so they would use their time and attention on their business. I wanted to be the one to tell them: we have done all the thinking about healthy, good, complete food, for youYou can use your time for something more important.

Thus was born the slogan on the face of our meal bags: Don’t think, just drink...

A couple of months ago I ran into an evaluation on a forum where people were insulted by the slogan, thinking that we used this slogan to keep them stupid and unknowing of our product.

On the contrary: in case you want to invest all the time in developing such a product, you will be able to collect all the data required to reproduce the same product by making your calculations from this site alone. But don”t hesitate to ask for assistance, I might be tempted to give you some hints in the right direction…