February 1st, 2024

A new post- To inform about some changes I had to make

You may have noticed that I only write when I need to share something important.

The last few years, around COVID, the Ukrainian war, a recession in The Netherlands, all prices for my ingredients increased. Not with a few percent. The increases were truly dramatic. Around 50% to 300%.

Several European regulations have made it impossible for certain customers to purchase from Europe: the shipping costs are taxed based on the distance it has to travel, making it extremely expensive to ship to North America and Australia.

Per the first January of this year shipping companies have again raised all prices within Europe with at least 10%: an inflation correction…

This week I wanted to purchase some ingredients and I had enough either for the shipping companies or for the missing ingredients. So that was the moment I had to change something about my prices: apparently for the current prices, I can not produce and sell anything. 

The new prices you will see reflected immediately in the shop. The last price update was back in 2020. So I think with all these changes the last years, this is a fair update.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write to me.