carbohydrates, proteins, fibers

The date palm tree was known as the ‘tree of life’ in ancient Egypt, because of the diverse number of applications of the date fruit.

One of the sweetest fruits known to men, dates contain the highest levels of natural sugar.

VHW Dowson, an expert in dates who has published extensively on the subject in the 1900s states that: ”the date is nutritionally so well packed that it is in combination with a glass of milk sufficient to live on for many days in a row”

Sounds to me as an other meal-replacement kind of person!


fats, proteins, carbohydrates

Tahin is made from ground and pressed sesame seeds. More than half of it is healthy vegetable fats. 

Besides the high levels of vitamins and minerals in it, it contains a complete profile of amino acids making it a better source for plant based proteins than most nuts we know of. 

orange zest

Orange Zest

Nice bite

goji berries

Goji Berries

carbohydrates, proteins

Goji Berries

Ceylon Cinnamon

anti-oxidant, flavor

Cinnamon is also an anti oxidant and taste enhancer.

The Cinnamon grown and coming from Ceylon (the old name for the island Sri Lanka) 

Cocoa Powder


Chocolate, need we say more?

Did you know that chocolate also is an anti-oxidant but also works as an anti-depressant? 

Vitamins & Minerals


All twenty seven vitamins and minerals mentioned in EU regulation 1169/2011 annex XIII, part A, table 1, have been included in Powder Matter. The twenty three specified minerals and vitamins in the EU regulation 2016/1413 that specifies that a meal should contain at least 30% of the amounts of the mentioned vitamins and minerals for it to be labeled as a meal-replacement-food, is a subset of it.

mixed nuts

Nuts Mix


many different sorts of nuts in small pieces

Natural Aroma


What other great taste could we add to this delicious bar we thought…  and we decided on Vanilla- try it and you will know what we mean.

puffed bw

Puffed Buckwheat

Taste Enhancer


taste enhancer, mineral

Taste enhancer. And an essential mineral for our body. Most foods have too much salt. We make sure you get just the minimum required amount.

Lemon Oil

flavor enhancer

This is the salt that gives lemons the sour taste. It enhances the flavor by tickling your taste buds on the tongue.