A new Original flavor

After announcing the new recipe last month, we added 2 new items to our shop.

One of them is the Chocolate-Hazelnut flavor of the Original line. We had tested this flavor in our beta testing versions and it seemed to be a great flavor to add to our standard assortment. However we had not been around to preparing it until now.  And the first reactions we have had are great: It is definitely the most delicious flavor we have prepared up until now.  Available for order in the shop

Chocolate with Hazelnuts

A new line - Neutral

The second item we added to the shop is the ‘neutral’ version. This is a completely new product with a new ingredients list and a different macro-profile compared to the Original line. You can read more about the ingredients and the specifications here. To prevent confusion with the different lines we started versioning from v2.5. 

The reason Neutral is available has to do with feedback we received from several customers that have been consuming meal replacement powders up to 100% the last couple of years. To be able to consume a meal replacement longer and more often, it is good to have a meal replacement without too much flavor or sweetness. Something that would resemble milk. We set out to produce such a product and we ended up with a product that is very mild, relatively smooth, and without noticeable sweetness or saltiness. However on the other hand it still was fulfilling its function: to provide the consumer satiety for a long time and give them the required energy to continue doing what they had been doing. Finally the product had to fulfill all criteria of a meal replacement to our standards.

One other reason to produce Neutral was that many customers were buying our Unflavored-Unsweetened from our Original line, with the idea that it was comparable to ‘neutral/original/standard’ lines of certain other brands. The comparisons were also ventilated on online forums. Since the Unflavored – Unsweetened original never was designed to be consumed as it is, these customers were very disappointed. Hopefully they will be able to have a better comparison from now on.

The Neutral line can be consumed as it is or it can serve as a base for preparing meals where you add your own fruit, juice, sweetener, and so forth. We will love to hear about your experiences with it.

Time will tell what will happen with Neutral and Unflavored-Unsweetened in the future.

Premium- Nuts Mania version upgrade to 1.2

When we reduced the protein amount from 1.0 to 1.1, we seem to have forgotten to modify the preparation instructions. We have changed our advice to prepare 100 grams of nuts mania with 400 ml of water instead of 500ml.

Also on request from regular Nuts Mania customers, we decided to leave the walnuts and hazelnuts chunky, so there are some small (soft) pieces in the mix that can be chewed on. Using a blender makes these small chunks much smaller.

The thickness of the shake has also been adjusted. 

No changes were made to the ingredients list or to the energy macros.

Walnut chunks

The new big bags and new tape

We started using our new big bag and a new tape. Both carry our new logo

Old & New

What is in the pipeline

At this moment we are working very hard on our meal bar. Hopefully we will be able to announce its availability very soon. 

We are also working on a savory flavor which will be our second premium product.

Comments? Questions? Write directly to Dirk or comment below.