One of my customers sent me a picture of a pancake he prepared with the Unsweetened and unflavored version. He told me he enjoyed it a lot and it kept him satiated for a long time. 

I Asked him to share the recipe so I could put it up here. He told me he has also put the data into the ‘Life Sum’ database. In case you want to use those data.



– Add 2 eggs to 25g of Powder Matter UU, mix it.
– Add a bit (how much is a bit?) of water, milk or veggie milk and cook it in a pan.
– Add a pinch of tumeric and curry to spice it.
– Add any kind of fruit you like on it. Et voilà !
Nutritional value of this recipe with  1 kiwi :
Energy: 330 kCal
Proteins : 23.3g
Carbs = 23.1g of which sugar 9.22g (almost all from kiwi!)
Fat : 16.2
  Saturated : 3.84g
  Non Saturated : 2.8g