Too many things have happened in the last few months, which need mentioning. Unfortunately, I was occupied with too many functions to fulfill, that I lacked the time to share the changes. 

However with the main update in our recipe, it is time to let everyone know what has happened in the last few months. 

Mainly thanks to feedback from our customers who had taken the leap of faith to try our product, we were able to identify some points in our product that could be improved.

After many hours of experimenting, testing, and expanding our assortment of machinery, we have a smooth shake without big parts in suspension or on the bottom of the shake. To reach this result we had to change the processing of our ingredients and remove the oats completely from our recipe.

Changes in Version 2.5

1- Removing oats made our Original shake completely gluten-free. It also removed the resting oaty flavor from the Original. Even though our oats were very finely milled, it caused a very gritty texture. It is gone now!

2- Reducing the amount of linseed from 5 to 6 grams per meal to 2-3 grams per meal further reduced the gritty texture. Linseed adds fibers, omega 3 fatty acids to the shake. Because of its extremely high level of Omega 3, we use it in our shakes to improve the rate of the Omega 6 fatty acid levels.  This still provides a high level of omega 3 fatty acids amount and an Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio of higher than 1:2.

3- The complete removal of oats was compensated by increasing the amount of buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth.

4- The partial removal of linseed was compensated by increasing the amount of sunflower oil powder.

5- Finally we added a second vanilla flavoring and cinnamon to our Vanilla flavor to make it smell and taste more like vanilla flavorings our customers are used to.

The 60 ml scoops

Our 60 ml scoops, which take 30 grams of our powder was finished, so we ordered a new one with a bit more convenient volume: 100 ml. From now on you will not need to measure 3-one-thirds of a scoop, but just 2 scoops to prepare a meal.

The Packaging

There is no change to the packaging yet. We still have a few bags with the back label of version 2.0. These will be finished within 1-2 weeks.

Since the ingredients list and the nutritional values did not change substantially, and no allergens were introduced (Cinnamon is not a common allergen) we will finish these few bags with the old back labels and after we will ship with the new back label.

Labeling and Logo

With a few new products coming up and the need for new packaging, we decided to simplify our logo into a simpler one. Also the healthy green color had to go to keep the colors simple.