Stainless Steel Shaker

a shaker to keep

Since the beginning we have been looking for a shaker to go with our products. Unfortunately we were never satisfied with the shakers we received for testing purposes.

The guy that provides me the big bags, said to me: I know you want to have a good shaker for your clients, a shaker to keep, I have one for you now. So along with my last order of the big bags, he sent me this shaker. After using it for 2 weeks I was sold. (The initial two weeks it had been used by my sons and my wife first, because they liked the shaker a lot)

The shakers have arrived and are available for ordering.

Order your shaker to keep, now.


  • This shaker has a durable stainless steel body, long lasting heat-resistant insulated container with a volume of 750 ml.
  • The food grade stainless steel carrier insides of the shaker is naturally antibacterial and therefore does not smell like a plastic one when used for a longer period.
  • If you have made it a habit to throw around with your shaker, or if you use your handblender to blend your mixes, it will be less likely to break or get damaged.
  • The lid contains a built in mixing grid and a mixing ball is included.
  • The shaker is dishwasher safe with an ergonomic design including a rubber handle. Carrying the shaker is easy when your hands are full.
  • Stainless Steel Shaker
    Powder Matter Shaker 750 ml
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    As of 15th of march 2020 we decided to go on a well deserved vacation.

    The orders will be available on backorder. It is still possible to place orders. If you do, your order will be fulfilled as soon as we are back. This will be probably in 4-5 weeks, around 20th april 2020.

    For questions and comments write directly to: Dirk @

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