From the beginning of 2021 we are unfortunately unable to ship to outside of the European Union. Including the United Kingdom. Mainly because the shipping costs will be too high for us to ship to you. However if interested, you can contact us for an exact amount to your home address.
Since we can not ship to many locations anymore, you can consider using a forwarding service. One such fair and honest service is

There are many others, but this one is located in Germany. We will ship your order for free to this location and this company can forward it further to you.

Shipping costs

Zone Free Shipping2 Shop DeliveryDirect to Home delivery
Zone EU 1 Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxebourg, Poland, The NetherlandsShipping to these locations is freeFreeFree
Zone EU 2: Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, SwedenAbove an order of 100€, free shipping5 €5€
Zone EU 3: Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, LithuaniaAbove an order of 100€, free shipping10€10€

Explanation of the terms 2shop/Pickup-point, Direct 2 home/ Flat-rate, and Free shipping.

  • 2 Shop or Parcelshop or Pickup Point Delivery: Your order will be shipped to a shop of your choice. Usually, this is a shop where your order will be dropped when you are not found at home.
  • Choose this option if you think you will not be home at the time of delivery, it will be cheaper in most cases for us to ship to a pickup point.


  • Direct to Home delivery or Flat Rate: This is the method to select when you wish your package to be delivered directly home.
  • When you have the choice between free-shipping and flat-rate, choose free-shipping! (Or pick up point if you know you will not be home)


  • Free Shipping will be available as an option during check-out when you are ordering above the limit for free shipping. 
  • When the chance is high that you will not be home, ask us to ship the package to a ‘pickup point/2shop’, this will matter in costs for us and save the driver a trip to your place, but the shipping to the shop will still be free.