Please note: Outside the European Union, there are usually extra tax costs involved. These costs vary from country to country. We have no influence on these costs.

Shipping costs based on ordered amount

Zone Free ShippingPickup PointFlat Rate
Zone 1a: GermanyOrder Cost > 50 €1 €5€
Zone 1: Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, The NetherlandsOrder Cost > 50 €5 €5€
Zone 2a: United Kingdom (UK)Order Cost > 50€(pickup)2.5€5€
Zone 2: Austria, France, RomaniaOrder Cost > 80€5€7.50€
Zone 3: Estonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, SpainOrder Cost > 100€10€10€
Zone 4: Croatia, Finland, Latvia, LithuaniaOrder Cost > 125€12.5€12.5€
Zone 5: Bosnia y Herzegovina, BulgariaOrder Cost > 150€15€15€

Explanation of the terms Pickup-point, Flat-rate

  • Pickup Point: Your order will be sent to a pickup shop of your choice close to your home location. Usually this is the location where your order will also be dropped when you are not found home. Choose this option if you think you will not be home at the time of delivery, it will be cheaper in most cases for us to ship to a pickup point.
  • Flat Rate: This will be the amount you will pay when the order amount for free shipping is not met. If you have the choice between free-shipping and flat-rate, choose free-shipping!
  • When you have ordered enough to meet the free-shipping limit and you are sure you will not be home, ask us to ship the package to a ‘pickup point’, this will matter in costs for us and save the driver a trip to your place.

Shipping costs based on weight

Order Weight 0-2 kg (1 bag*)2-5 kg (2-3 bags*)5-10 kg (4-7 bags*)10-21 kg (8-15 bags*)22- 28 kg (15 -20 bags*)28 kg +
Zone EU Irregular: Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Malta, Norway22€24€28€36€InquireInquire

Zone World-Common Canada, USA, Russian Federation, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand

Zone 7: All other countries not on list
(send an email for your country)
* read 1.2 Kg Original bags

Shipping costs too much?

Outside the EU, shipping costs are high. The ‘shipping costs based on weight’ prices you see are subsidized 50% (Except the 1-2 bags) and we do not make any profit off of shipping.

Forwarding services can be an outcome, the one we would advice is They offer the service to consolidate multiple purchases which can be very handy if you purchase regularly from the EU.

If you decide to use, we will ship it for free there.

  • If you have questions about our shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact us 
  • If you are in Zone 7 and want to place an order, contact us to see if we have a better plan in your case.
  • We are unable to ship to several countries because of the customs rules and regulations, where any form of powder is seized and destroyed.

When calculating the weight, we use the following weight criteria:

  • One unit of Original Meal Shake weighs 1250 gram (+-1200 grams powder and +-50 gram bag) . We usually put the bags in a box which also weighs a few hundred grams.  To compensate for the box weight we calculate 1400 gram per bag.
  • One package of Premium Nuts Mania weighs 520 gram. We calculate 580 per bag to compensate for the box weight.
  • The scoops weigh per piece 15 gram.
  • In case of a  big discrepancy between real weight and definite weight, we will compensate for it retrospectively.

There are several countries we do not ship to. The reason for it is that we did ship on request of customer(s), but the country law on customs is such that they did not allow the shipment. They also did not return the package, but simply destroyed it. They destroyed perfectly ok food. 

The customers were of course fully compensated for their costs, Powder Matter was not.

To these countries belong: China, Israel

If you want to order to one of these countries, try considering a shipment through a forwarding service as mentioned above. Powder Matter will not ship to these countries. 




As of 15th of march 2020 we decided to go on a well deserved vacation.

The orders will be available on backorder. It is still possible to place orders. If you do, your order will be fulfilled as soon as we are back. This will be probably in 4-5 weeks, around 20th april 2020.

For questions and comments write directly to: Dirk @

Just 2.50€ Shipping to the UK

Next day dispatch with arrival within 2-3 (work) days