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Powder Matter

What is Powder Matter?

Powder Matter is healthy fast food.

Be it as powdered mixes that are nutritionally complete and that can be prepared in no time into a drinkable shake, or be it as meal bars that can be eaten as a complete meal or as a snack.

The meals that Powder Matter produces, are characterized by a variety of ingredients where several of the main ingredients are superfoods and very long satiety.

Powder Matter products are formulated by a former general & trauma surgeon: Dirk

For years he was intensely occupied with the recovery of humans that were traumatized physically, either because of surgical or accidental trauma.
Dirk acknowledges nutrition as one of the prerequisites for recovery of the of the traumatized patient.

He produces and offers his products for sale, only after he has received approval from his sons (8 and 11 years old) and his wife.
Loyal to his Hippocratic oath, he serves humans without doing them harm, to his best knowledge.

Dirks says: "I will never offer food to others that contain unhealthy ingredients. Ingredients that I would not consume or feed my children"
Dirk is convinced that food influences health, wellbeing, and longevity. The reason why he dedicated his experience, expertise and time to bringing healthy meal replacements to every individual

His aim is not only to help everyone get through the day healthily but also to do this according to the latest evidence-based medical insights.

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