Don’t think, just drink!

Why? When asked “Why do you consume soylent/future food?” respondents cite nutrition, convenience, and simplicity. “It’s the easiest way to make sure I’m getting full nutrition within my allotted calories. I don’t have to think, I just drink.” I was doing some research into the area I decided to dive into. The meal replacement foods. It […]

The first Meal Replacement drink

The first time I heard about a powdered mix that would ease preparing food and would give you more time to do useful stuff, I got worried about the concept. Homes without kitchens? And what about all the various delicious ingredients my mom used to put in food that made eating such a pleasure?  What […]

To lose or to gain, that is the question…

There was some hesitation from my side. To this question from the lady behind the counter. She was the lady running the store that was neighboring to our place. Our machines had arrived two days ago. They were beautiful, very shiny, and heavy. Packed in big boxes with our names on it. The machines had […]