February 1st 2024

February 1st, 2024 A new post- To inform about some changes I had to make You may have noticed that I only write when I need to share something important. The last few years, around COVID, the Ukrainian war, a recession in The Netherlands, all prices for my ingredients increased. Not with a few percent. […]

Back from a long vacation

Back from a long vacation Powder Matter is back from a long break, which started as a summer break during the summer. As you might know, but also not, Powder Matter is run by one guy. He develops the formula but also prepares, packages, and ships your orders. Oh, he is also the ‘support guy’. […]

A Time to Unite

We took a break Around the 15th of march the Dutch government decided that schools should be closed and education should continue from home, using some or other forms of an online education program. This meant the main workforce of Powder Matter, me, Dirk, had to stay home and help the kids (big boys of […]

Meal Bars!

The story About a year and some more ago, we started testing our date and whey protein concentrate based bar. In March of this year we were almost sure that it was ready for the general public after we had tested it as a treat during a birthday party at the school of my son […]

New Products- Choco-Hazelnut & Neutral

A new Original flavor After announcing the new recipe last month, we added 2 new items to our shop. One of them is the Chocolate-Hazelnut flavor of the Original line. We had tested this flavor in our beta testing versions and it seemed to be a great flavor to add to our standard assortment. However […]

Quinoa Holland

Powder Matter uses Quinoa biologically grown in The Netherlands – Holland-Quinoa